Web Hosting

There´s a plethora of web hosting plans out there so many that even the popular host comparison sites don´t really make the initial choice easy anymore.

While in fact some overlooked factors are of much more importance than small differences in price, presuming that you are somewhat serious about running a web site.

One can assume that these days most professional web hosting companies provide a quite reliable service (and indeed, even the best can have an occasional problem, like anything based on complex technology).

What, from our experience, one should look for when searching for a web host, are the potential upgrades. You may not need them now, you may not need them next month, but usually, web sites are a long term projects, and moving them into another server environment can be a hassle, and all too often yields a lot of work and the need for time-consuming fixes.

Prepare yourself to stay with your web hosting provider for a number of years rather than days. Therefore, even if that´s not really foreseeable now, have in mind the scenario that one day you may want to host a second domain name. Or a third. Or 100. Is it potentially possible without technical difficulties or prohibitive extra costs?

How easy is it to set up popular applications like a WordPress blog? When it comes to managing web sites, efficiency is of great matter, even for small setups. Like with anything computer-related, it´s easy to waste an hour or five on tasks which in principle only require the press of a button (if there is one). Although WordPress for example is not difficult to install if you have done it a few times, you will appreciate a 1-click install if available as a starter for the ease, as an advanced user for the efficiency of it.

If you would like to insure your business website with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, we are here to help. We can also come to your office to discuss your options, review your current site and help you find a hosting solution that you can rely on. Please take a look our our hosting plans to help you get started.

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