Google Adwords Management

Pay Per Click Marketing

This type of web marketing can be one of the most effective means of driving web traffic to your site if used appropriately. It can also be the most costly means of advertising if not monitored and maintained routinely. JM Hall Consulting suggest Google Adwords web marketing program to drive customers to your web site.

Google Adwords is an effective method of promoting your web site based upon keyword search engine searches that you control. You can select keywords that you decide are the best description of your website and your business. Google provides keyword tools that can expand on the basic ideas of your business and estimate the popularity of the keywords you select.

Not only do you control the keywords that are descriptive of your business, you can also control who your advertisement reaches. You can select certain locations, demographics, time of day and other aspects of the target audience. The number of impressions your advertisement displays is endless. You only pay for the advertisement when someone clicks the link in the ad and reaches your website. So, every click you pay for is an opportunity to reach a customer through your site.

Adwords allows you place a daily budget of your choice to control the spending on the web marketing program. When your daily budget is reached, your ad no longer displays until the next calendar day. Further, you can control the amount Electronic Cigarette you wish to pay for each click.

JM Hall Consulting can help your business manage, maintain and adjust your Google Adwords program. We can help you set up any number of campaigns to drive web traffic to different areas of your business. Finally, the most important aspect of the Adwords program is driving new customers to specific services you offer.


Pay By Impressions Marketing

If you want to expose your advertisement to more web users with an unlimited number of clicks to your website, you may want to try Pay By Impressions marketing. This web marketing program utilized Adwords in the same fashion as Pay Per Click marketing. You use the same keyword advertising approach, but your budget does not limit the number of clicks your web site receives. Instead, your budget limits the number of times your advertisement appears.

With Pay By Impressions marketing, you again set a daily/monthly budget for your campaigns, however, the number of clicks and visitors to your site is not limited. Your budget drives the number of times your ad appears in web engine searches. If you have a smaller market of keywords or a specific niche of the business, this marketing campaign can drive more clicks to your site than traditional Pay Per Click marketing.

Please contact us today to learn more about Google Adwords, Pay Per Click and Pay By Impression advertising and it’s potential to more for your business.

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